About Us


When Sara, a young mom of two kids in New Jersey was laid off from her job in 2009 she decided that it was time for a change of pace. She wanted to be home with her young children, yet at the same time earn an income. With her husband's and wider family support SST Brands was born. A business by women for women dedicated to providing women with head coverings for every reason and occasion.


We started out as MyHeadcoverings.com and catered to women covering their hair for religious reasons, style or medical hair loss. As time went on we saw a lack in the available headcovers for cancer patients, both on the retail and wholesale side. Women were looking for soft, stylish, comfortable and affortable headgear. To that end, we started manufacturing on our own under the Landana Headscarves label and did a brisk business direct to consumers, online boutiques, and hospital gift shops. 10 years later we have rebranded our website as Landana Headscarves and we sell both retail and wholesale headscarves. We strive to provide women and children going through hair loss with fashionable, comfortable, and affordable headcoverings. Our extensive collection of hats, caps and scarves for hair loss by our brand Landana Headscarves are sure to please. Whether you are looking for a soft chemo cap, or a hat which offers sun protection, you will find what you are looking for at Landanaheadscarves.com We also carry a beautiful selection of headscarves for kids. Now girls experiencing hair loss from cancer can find beautiful hair covers sized just for them!


LandanaHeadscarves.com - a division of SST Brands, has quickly emerged as one of the leading retailers of womens head covers including but not limited to Snoods, Pretied Head Scarves, Headwraps , Turbans and more. The combination of a large selection of quality womens headcoverings and wig supplies combined with superior customer service and reasonable prices have quickly earned our company an enviable reputation.

Our wide array of head coverings provide women with the ideal headcover they are looking for, no matter the purpose. Our hair covers are particularly suited to those suffering from hair loss from a range of conditions such as alopecia areata, trichotillomania,or undergoing chemotherepy treatment, and women looking for a kercheif to cover up a bad hair day, we have the perfect headscarf for you!

Because we offer such a wide selection of products at such unbeatable prices our customers come away feeling as if they got a product custom made for them. In a sense, they are right because our selection was custom made to please them.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our website is constantly expanding, adding an ever increasing array of headcoverings, head scarves to our existing line, ensuring that we are innovators not imitators.

In addition to our current line of Crochet Snoods,Chenille Snoods, Classic Snoods, Pretied Headwraps, Berets, Tichels, Hats, Turbans, and Childrens Headscarves we pride ourselves in our superior customer service, an integral part of which is making sure that our customers know how to properly use and care for our products.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact so we can be of assistance to you. If you own a shop, gift shop, or boutique and are looking to purchase women's headscarves, and wig accessories wholesale please visit Landana Headscarves.com ! Enjoy!

Thank You!

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