Below is a listing of common women's head coverings worn as well as an explanation of each. We hope that this makes your hat shopping a little easier.

Angora Hat

Angora hats are wool hats made from angora wool. Angora wool is from the softest of wool as it comes from rabbit fur. Angora hats are top quality, and very warm and soft. Angora hats come in all styles such as with or without brims, in various colors and designs. Angora hats offer protection from the elements and are great for fall or winter seasons.

Applique Pretied

An applique pretied is a pretied headscarf with an added design applique made of either studs, gems, sequin or fabric. Common appliques are bows, flowers, gemstones, and feather trimmings. This transforms a simple pretied into something stylish, fun and different. A pretied bandanna, which is a
"no tying needed" head cover is very comfortable but not necessarily the proper head cover for all occasions. An applique on the bandanna makes it more elegant and a better choice for special occasions.


A beanie is a brimless (often knitted) hat/cap usually made from wool, felt, synthetic materials or fleece. They can also be made of leather or silk. The beanie is a tight little hat that sits perfectly on ones head. It's great for cold days for it rests over ones ears and keeps them warm. It comes in many different colors and designs.


Women's berets are a soft, round, brimless cap with a flat crown. They are often made of wool or cotton which makes them extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Some are made of cotton and are also beautiful and stylish. Many have studs or appliques to add an additional design. They come in many different colors and in many different textures and designs. Some berets have rolled brims or folded brims and others have a small “stem” coming out from the center like a French beret. Berets that are a little larger are also called slouchy berets.


A bonnet is a women's hat that sits firmly on one's head and is tied under ones chin. It comes in many different colors, textures, designs and fabrics. A bonnet will often be decorated with a ruffle around the front to provide a little shade and also adds to the look of the bonnet.

Chaponne cap

Chaponnes are a stretchy knit or crochet pull-on women's hat. They fit snugly on the head and are very similar to a beanie or Kufi hat. Chaponnes are great for the winter for they are warm, cozy, stylish and comfortable and can come down over the ears for added warmth. They come in many different colors, styles and designs.

Classic Snood

A classic snood is basically a loose enclosure worn over the head to contain ones hair. There is a band on the front of a classic snood which generally comes to a twist in the front, similar to a turban. Some classic snoods have flat bands. Classic snoods can be made in many different materials. A classic snood frames one face beautifully with the twist front/ flat tab which adds height and class. The twist front/ flat tab could either be a solid color or have a complementary design or pattern.


A cloche -"A Bell" in French, was a very popular hat in the 1920's. It's a hat worn by some women for head covering or style. It's a hat in the shape of a bell (round on the top, goes in by the head and slightly goes out by the brim).The Cloche offers a dressy hat with lots of comfort.

Cotton Undercover Liner

The cotton undercover liner is a fitted cotton cap that can be worn under a wig, hat or scarf for all day comfort as it prevents your head cover from slipping, makes a sheer head cover more opaque and will contain short hair. An undercover is great for women with hair loss or undergoing chemo treatments.

Crocheted Snood

Originally created by Irish nuns in the 1800's, crocheted snoods is basically a loose head cover to contain your hair. Depending on the style of crochet and the yarn used, crochet snoods can come in many different styles such as chenille crochet snoods or Belgium knit crochet snoods. There is a thin string of elastic around the edge of the crochet snood which keeps it firmly on the head. Some crochet snoods are manufactured with an additional piece of velour or slinky fabric as a band for added comfort or just a different look. Crochet snoods are available with or without lining. Crochet snoods with linings provide full coverage of the hair and are a great modest head cover.


A fedora is a hat usually made from felt. It has a low crown with a crease running from the front of the hat to the back. It has a brim which can be worn either up or down.

Hair Net

A hairnet is an elasticized net worn over long or short hair to hold it in place and out of ones face. It is often worn by people who work in food servicing places such as pizza shops, restaurants or cafes to prevent the hair from going in the food. It is usually made out of a very fine mesh and had a great grip so that it won't fall off.

Head Wrap /Soft Wide Headband

A head wrap or soft wide headband makes a beautiful head covering. Boho headwraps come in fun, dressy or simple styles. They are usually made out of satin, chiffon and cotton in many different colors and designs. A head wrap looks almost like a large bandanna with the look of a large, soft headband and offers complete or half coverage of one's hair. It is a wide piece of fabric worn over the head and secured with a stretchy piece of elastic which runs around the base of the neck. They are often worn for exercise or yoga to keep the hair out of one's face.

Hidden height undercover

The hidden height cotton undercover is a cotton volumizing hat that fits snugly on ones head. It has added height on the top in order to give a fuller look under a tichel or headscarf . It is made of an comfortable stretchy cotton with a very lightweight cushion which adds the height. It is great for women with hair loss, short hair, thinning hair, or anyone who loves the look of a tichel with more height in back.

Israeli Tichel Headscarves

The Israeli Tichel or head scarf is a popular headscarf worn by many people including those who cover for both religious reasons and hair loss. Israeli headscarves come square, oblong or triangular. They are generally made of cotton with lurex and fringes (some however are just solid with neither).There are many different ways an Israeli Tichel can be tied (for example: into a bun style or a crown) Tying Israeli tichels is quick, easy, simple and fun!

Kufi Hat

The Kufi hat is a brimless, short rounded cap that fits snugly on the head. Kufi hats can be solid, or colorful with small holes forming a decoration around the hat. They are usually made of cotton yarn and are stretchy. In years past the Kufi hat was a hat worn by Africans but has since become a favorite head cover of women and children alike. Kufi hats for kids will often have a flower or bow on the side as a decoration. Kufi hats are very comfortable and makes a great hat for any season. It can also be referred to as a beanie or a kippah hat.

Pretied Bandanna

A pretied bandanna is a bandanna head covering that has elastic at the base of the neck with two tails coming out to give the illusion of a regular bandanna tied. They are stylish, comfortable and the perfect head covering because they cover all of ones hair and have a great grip so it doesn't slip off easily. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials (such as Lycra, cotton, velvet, slinky, terry, etc.) and are very lightweight and comfortable. They come with a variety of tail lengths to choose from.

Pretied Bandanna With Height

A Pretied bandanna with height is a regular Pretied with additional height added at the crown/ front of the bandanna. Women like wearing pretieds with height so that it doesn't lay so flat on one's head. The extra padding adds height making it a great headscarf for women who prefer more height due to style, hair loss or thinning hair. The height is usually made from foam inside the crown of the head scarf.

Pretied Headscarves

A Pretied headscarf is simply elasticized at the base of the neck with two tails hanging down to make it more secure and easier for tying. You can tie a pretied headscarf the same as an untied headscarf but the first couple of steps (folding the scarf, tying it at the neck) are already taken care of. It looks like a headscarf accept it's made easier to wear and put on.

Rain Bonnet

A rain bonnet is made of lightweight plastic to allow the rain to just slide right off it without getting absorbed. It ties under the neck for a secure fit and has a roomy back to keep ones hair or wig dry. In addition, it has a visor in the front for those with bangs or front pieces. It's a great item to keep in your purse since it takes up no room and can really save you when stuck in the rain!

Shower Cap

A shower cap is a large plastic cap worn by women in the shower when they want to protect their hair from getting wet.

Sleep Cap

Nothing is as important as a good nights sleep. However, when sleeping, ones hair style generally gets ruined. Therefore, if your hair is done in a certain style and you don't want it to get ruined while you are sleeping try wearing a sleep cap! This hair cap allows you to get the rest that you need and still keep your hair safe and sound for the next day.

Straw Hat

Straw hats are stylish and lightweight. They have a wide brim in the front making it a perfect hat or head covering for sunny days. They come in many different colors and many different styles and designs. Today most hats are not actually made of straw, rather they are made from the pulp of a tree or synthetic material like polyester which gives it the same texture.


A sun hat is usually made of polyester or straw. It has a broad brim that protects ones face from the sun. It comes in many different colors and styles. Some even have an extra design to give it a dressier look (for example: a flower or ribbon). It makes a beautiful, practical and comfortable head covering for summer time.


A tichel/headscarf is a square, rectangular or triangular piece of fabric that women use to cover their hair. They come in many different fabrics such as silk, cotton, synthetic or just about anything you can dream of. There are many different fun and easy ways to tie a headscarf or a tichel.


Usually a square or rectangular headscarf in many different colors and style wrapped around one's head. The turband is also available in a pretied/wrapped style to make it simple and easy to wear without having to wrap it around.


A turban is a soft head wrap that comes to a twist at the top/ front like a classic snood. What's great about it is that it is soft, light weight, comfortable and gives height to ones face. It is very stylish and fashionable. A turban can come in many different fabrics such as cotton, Lycra, chiffon, polyester and more. In addition a turban can be used to hold in place and dress up a headscarf, Israeli tichel, snood or any head cover for that matter.
Milano wigrip comfort band


The wigrip is a very thin velour band that sits around ones head. It is made to fasten your wig or scarf securely without the need for any clips or combs. It is worn under a wig or scarf and secures it in place with a no slip grip. It eliminates headaches, prevents bald spots and is an adjustable one size fits all.