Hat Size Chart


For centuries women have been wearing them, and for reasons as varied as the different styles of hats, beanies, dress hats, caps, and pull on hats available on the market. Here's some tips and info on the varied types of hats that we carry. As well as how to measure your head and a hat sizing chart to ensure a good fit.

Hat Size Chart

In Inches


Hat Size

21 1/8


6 3/4 - S

21 1/2


6 7/8 - S

21 7/8


7 - M

22 1/4


7 1/8 - M

22 5/8


7 1/4 - L



7 3/8 - L

23 1/2


7 1/2 - XL

23 7/8


7 5/8 - XL

24 1/4


7 3/4 – XXL


How to Measure your head for a Hat

Use a tape measure or a string and ruler. Measure from the back of your head and bring the ends together at the center of your forehead right above your eyebrows. Use the chart above to determine your size, rounding to the nearest 1/8" as necessary. Round up if you like a looser fit and round down for a more snug fit.
Although most hats that we carry will work for most women, for clarity's sake all stiff hats on Landanaheadscarves.com are marked S, M, L etc. with a range of inches that the hat will fit. You can choose more snug or looser depending on your preference.
Most hats on Landanaheadscarves.com are a one size fit and will fit most heads. For specific inquiries contact a customer care representative by emailing us at info@landanaheadscarves.com or by calling us at 732.363.1993.

I am looking for a hat for sun protection, what should I look for?

 Try and make sure it has a brim such as a cap or wide brimmed hat, since if not it wont do the trick. Also stick to something casual since it might look funny chasing your kid around the playground in a dress hat.

What does "Crushable" mean?

Crushable or "packable" basically means that it's easy to transport your hat around as it can be "crushed", or flattened and then it will resume it's former shape.

Whats a good choice for a really windy day?

We would not recommend wearing a really fancy dress hat on a windy day since they are not "snug" on the head and will get ruined when they blow off your head right into the rain puddle on the side of the road! Try and stick with something like a pull on or Beanie as well as caps as they "stay" on the head.

When a hat is described as being made of a paper like material does it mean that it feels like paper?

 Paper hats are made out of pulp from a tree, the same material used in regular paper, making them lightweight and airy which is great for the summer. However they are much stronger then paper.

Can "Paper" hats get wet?

They can get wet - however, when they do, take care not to wring, rub, etc. Just leave the hat to dry and harden once again.

How do I care for my Cotton Hat?

For cotton hats, dry clean or hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.