There are lots of different ways to tie a Headscarf. Click on the links below to learn a couple of easy, simple and exciting ways to tie a headscarf!

Bun Style »

Tying a Tichel in the Bun Style

Crown Style »

Tying a Tichel in the Crown Style

Classic Style »

Classic Tichel Tying

Pony Style »

Pony Headscarf Tie

Braid Style »

Braid Head Scarf Tie

Beehive Style »

Tichel in Beehive Style

Classic Turban Knot Style »

Turban Tichel Knot

Center Turban Twist Style »

Center Turban Twist Style

Adding Embellishments»

Tying a Tichel with Embellishments


What is an Untied Headscarf?

An Untied Headscarf is a square shaped, generally cotton head scarf that can be tied to create a variety of different looking head covers. Many Headscarvs also known as mitpachot have lurex in them which is a thin strand of silver or gold woven in to the fabric of the head scarf. Fringes are often added to an Israeli Teichel and many women love the way they look which is why they are some of the most popular types of womens headscarves.

How do I wash my Israeli Tichel?

Untied Headscarves are so lightweight and airy which makes them very delicate. Hand wash only in cold water and lay flat to dry. This will extend the life of your Scarf.

How can I make sure the fringes don't tangle when I wash my Headscarf?

To keep the fringes from tangling you just have to be very careful and hand wash them gently. Or, if it just the scarf part you are washing and the fringes really don't need cleaning, try wrapping the end of the scarf in a plastic baggie and close with a rubberband, Then carefully hand wash the headscarf and the fringes will stay dry and won't tangle.

Can I buy a Headscarf already pre-tied?

A page on Untied Headscarves would not be complete without mentioning the Pre-tied which is made of the same lightweight  fabric, only it is pre-elasticized at the neck so it stays on without tying. Then you always have the option of leaving the tails hanging or twisting them around bun style or crown style so they have the "tiechel" look as well. Please visit our Pre-tied Headscarves section

Here are some Helpful Hints for tying

- Use the WiGrip Comfort band under a scarf or tichel for a no slip grip. We highly reccommend this product for new and experienced tichel wearers! The Milano wigrip is a velour comfort band with a grip that is worn on ones head to fasten ones wig or scarf securely without clips or combs. This headband by Milano Collection is worn under a wig or scarf and secures it in place with a no slip grip. It eliminates headaches, prevents bald spots and is an adjustable one size fits all.

- Place the head scarf a little lower on your forhead than you actually want to wear it as it will probably slide back a little during the tying process.

- If you have thin hair, or hair loss from chemo or alopecia areata, and want to add the illusion of more fullness in back, don't forget about the Hidden Height Undercover which is a cotton cap made of a comfortable stretchy cotton with a very lightweight cushion which adds the height. This undercover is great for women with hair loss, short hair, thinning hair, or anyone who loves the look of a tichel with more height in back.