How to tie a headscarf in a center turban twist style!

 Start by putting your hair up in a tight bun or pony. For those going through hair loss, it is not necessary to give any illusion of hair for this style. In addition, for those with long hair, you may want to put it into a fitted snood or really tight bun so that your hair shouldn't stick out.

Step 1  Take your long oblong headscarf and place it horizontally on your head.
Step 2  Take both ends of the headscarf and make a knot at the top of your head (as oppose to most of the other styles where you make a tie at the back of your neck).
Step 3 Now, take both ends of the scarf that are hanging down and hold them together as if they are only one piece. Gently and firmly twist the headscarf into a long twisty pony at the front of your head.
Step 4  Then, take the long twist and carefully wrap it around and around into a turban knot.


So there you have it! Your head scarf all tied up in the beehive style! You now have a beautiful, simple and stylish headscarf! Click here to have fun experimenting with more headscarves styles!