Instructions on how to tie a headscarf in a pony style!

Start by pinning up your hair in a bun or pony.

Step 1  fold a square head scarf into a triangle shape.
Step 2  place the center of the long straight side (the folded edge) at your forehead with the two long tails in front of your shoulder. Take the left and right tails and knot them once at the back of your neck keeping the 3rd corner of the head scarf free.
Step 3  Take one of the tails that you tied and gently wrap it around the 3rd loose tail as close to your head as you can get. When you have gone around the tail once, wrap the extra fabric left under the knot.
Step 4  do the same for the other tail, this time wrapping it in the opposite direction and once again securing extra fabric under the knot.
So there you have it! Your head scarf all tied up in a pony style! Click here to have fun experimenting with more headscarves styles!