Instructions how to tie a headscarf in the Crown/Dutch style!

The Crown tie is a beautiful method of tying head scarves in a way that gives height to the head scarf which adds elegance to any occasion.The best headscarf to use for this is an oblong headscarf (rectangular shaped) because that will give you enough fabric to get up around and over your head for the crown look. You can try this with a regular headscarf folded into a triangle as well, just bear in mind that the crown won't have as much height.

 Step 1  Start by folding the headscarf under around 2-3 inches on the long edge to form a band. This will allow for some movement and adjustments to the scarf once it is tied onto your head, plus it will lay better if it is a little thicker in that spot. Place the headscarf on your head with the band side on the bottom (i.e. touching your head), and leave one side hanging longer than the other. The reason for this is to make for easier tying of the tails.

Step 2  Take the two ends and tie them in back under your pony/scrunchie. There should be a little fabric hanging over at the pony so tuck it under the knot you just made to keep your hair concealed. If there is not enough fabric to cover your hair, make the “band” that we started with thinner. If you have very long hair, or a large head/small scarf, you may have to skip the band step.

Step 3  Now comes the crown part. Twist the two hanging sections to make two long tight twists. Bring the longer one over and around your head - an inch or two behind the front of the headscarf.Tuck whatever remains under the knot by your pony.

Step 4  The last and final step is to take the shorter end and twist it around weaving it under and over the first end to create the crown. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, so a good idea is to have a friend help you the first time.

So there you have it! Your head scarf all tied up in the crown (dutch) style! Click here to have fun experimenting with more headscarves styles!