Beehive Style

Instructions how to tie a head scarf in a beehive style!

headscarf with cotton undercoverStart by putting your hair either in a hidden height undercover or making a high pony covered by a snood or head scarf.
tying a headscarf step 1Step 1 - Place your oblong rectangular headscarf centered on your head. In this step by step instructions we used the Striped Head Scarf with Gold Lurex.
tying a headscarf step 2Step 2 - Take both sides of the headscarf and make a tie or a knot at the back of your neck.
tying a head scarf step 3Step 3 - Now, gently cross one side of the head scarf over your head to the other side. Do not forget to cross it in a layered way to give it the beehive effect and look you are looking for.
tying a head scarf step 4Step 4: Do the same with the other side
tying a headscarf step 5Step 5 - You now have some loose ends hanging down. Take them, and carefully tuck them in to your headscarf.

So there you have it! Your head scarf all tied up in the beehive style! You now have a beautiful, simple and stylish headscarf! Click here to have fun experimenting with more headscarves styles!