Start by putting your hair up in a bun or pony. For those with hair loss or thin hair you might want to try wearing a hidden height undercover to give some volume or simply stuff it up with something else.

Step 1
Take your square head scarf and fold it into a triangle. 
Step 2
Place the center of the long straight side (the folded edge) at your forehead with the two long tails in front of either of your shoulders.
Step 3
Now, take both ends of the scarf that are hanging by your shoulders and gently make a knot or tie at the back of your neck. Make sure to take the extra material hanging in the back and tuck it in under the knot.
Now that your scarf is already tied, you can put some embellishments! All you need is some simple hair accessories to turn your head scarf into a beautiful and original head covering.
If you are looking to wear a casual head cover and want some color and spunk, try clipping on an alligator clip with the color you desire.

For an elegant yet simple look, you might want to go for a bobby pin or clip with decorative rhinestones or studs to give a slight glimmer.

Are you looking for a shimmery and glittery look? Try something with sequins and you will shine! Our model is wearing our Sequin Head wrap

If you like to stand out and make a statement, try wearing a simple solid headscarf and dressing it up with a bright hair accessory. 

So there you have it! Your head scarf all tied up with Embellishments! Click here to have fun experimenting with more headscarves styles!