As one of the premier destinations for Womens Berets online, we have created this list of FAQs about berets.


Q. How do I care for my Cotton Beret?

A.We recommend hand wash cold and lay flat to dry on a towel.

Q. Can I machine wash my Cotton Beret?

A. Sure, in a pinch you can machine wash it cold however please bear in mind that there may be shrinkage as the cotton berets are 100% cotton.

Q. What about caring for Berets with trimmings or decorations?

A. We recommend dry cleaning berets with trimming or decoration as often they will get snagged or otherwise ruined in the wash or dryer.


Q. Do Berets with different diameters have a different size opening also?

A. No, while we do offer berets with different diameters the size of the opening is uniform.

Q. How do I decide which is the correct diameter for me?

A. The diameter will depend on what style and look you want, bigger or smaller. If you can't decide based on that alone then a good way is to base it on the size or shape of your face. A thin or small face generally looks better with a smaller size beret while a wide or larger face looks better with the regular beret.

Q. Can I use my Cotton Beret as a Short Snood?

A. If you want to wear your beret as a short snood we recommend purchasing the regular beret with the larger diameter which gives the beret enough fabric so it can most definitely be worn as a short snood. In fact many women enjoy the larger beret because the extra fabric allow one to wear it with an artistic snag.


Q. What is the difference between a Cotton and Wool Beret?

A. Essentially they are the same however a cotton knit beret will provide the same protection from the sun while being significantly cooler.