What is a Soft Headband?

headwrap headband is a soft headband which wraps all around ones head as opposed to a hard headband which simply goes around until ones ears. They are stretchy since there is an elastic inside them which makes them one size fits all. They come in many different fabrics and styles and there are many different variations of head wraps. The different kinds head wrap headbands vary from soft wide headwraps to turban knot twist headwraps or elastic band headwraps.

What is a Soft Wide Head Wrap?

 A soft wide head wrap is a headband made of either soft cotton, lycra, chiffon, satin, velour/velvet and many other soft and comfortable materials. They are very wide at the top and from ones ears and down are a thin elastic covered in the head wraps material to hold the head wrap securely on ones head. Many women and children love wearing them for many reasons such as style and comfort as they are very pretty and are great hair accessories to keep your hair out of your face in times of need. In addition, a soft wide head wrap hairband can be worn in many different ways which makes it all that much more exciting.

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Below are a few popular ways a soft wide head wrap can be worn.

A Partial Head Cover is a soft wide head wrap headband makes a great head covering for women looking to cover their hair partially. For example, if someone is going through chemotherapy but has not fully lost their hair yet and wants to still wear their hair down, a soft wide head wrap will do just the trick to cover up the spots without hair. Women with a mild case of Alopecia Areata or with very thin hair in the front find comfort in wearing soft wide headwraps since it allows them to wear their hair down without having to cover it all up and it still looks really natural!

 A Thin Headband is a soft wide headband can also be worn as a thin headband. Either, you can fold it in half for a neat and put together look, or you can put it on as is and gently crunch it up towards the front of your head. Using a soft wide head band as a thin headband is great since it is original, different and really comfortable!

A Fall Band is worn by women who wear wigs especially like to wear a Fall. A fall is a wig that does not have hair in the front. The hair only starts to be sewn further down on the cap. It is very comfortable since there is no hair or bang in the front of your face. These fall wigs are meant to be worn with a head cover or hair accessory such as a cap, a hat, a beret and a head wrap.

What is a Turban Knot Twist Head Wrap?

 A turban knot twist headwrap is very similar to a soft wide headwrap since it also has the elastic at the neck to hold to headwrap securely on ones head. The front of the headband however is twisted into a knot like a turban. Turban knot twist headwraps are slowly making it to one of the most stylish womans accessories today for many reasons. Firstly, like any other headwrap or headband they keep your hair out of your face. In addition, they provide a little bit of height to ones face which is very complimenting. They are thin and lightweight, which prevents you from sweating and are also great to hold your Israeli tichel headscarf in place.

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What is an Elastic Headband Head Wrap?

 An elastic headwrap headband is a wide soft head wrap which is fully elastic. It wraps all around ones head and has a very good grip. They come in many different colors and styles for every age and taste. Besides for the fact that they are in style, women especially like wearing them on hot summer days as a headband that keeps hair out of their face and to prevent from the front of their hair to get frizzy from the heat.

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