What is a Pretied Headscarf?

A pretied headscarf is a piece of fabric like a bandanna that is sewn with elastic to form a head covering that can be slipped onto the head. Unlike a regular headscarf, a Pretied needs not tying to secure it in place as it is pre-sewn with an elastic in the back making a convenient, comfortable and time saving head covering.

Pretieds are available in a wide range of fabric and styles from solid colors to printed patterns as well as dressy head covers with applique studs or flowers. Fabrics can be a wide range of cotton, lycra, velour, and terry. Basically there is a design available to fit everyone's taste.

The Pretied is a comfortable and versatile women's head scarves which has led to it quickly becoming one of the more popular womans head coverings.


Is a Pretied Headscarf right for me?

Pretieds are a full coverage head covering making them ideal both for women covering their hair for religious purposes as well as those looking for a nice and comfortable head cover to help them deal with hair loss from cause such as Alopecia or a chemo head covering. In fact the wide range of fabrics and designs as well as the many different styles to wear pretied headscarves have caused the pretieds popularity to surge among those dealing with Hair Loss that would like to "cover up" but still maintain their individuality.

 Regardless of your needs or head size, Landana Headscarves has a Pretied Headscarf to suit your needs.


Regular Pretieds

These Pretieds fit an average sized head. They come in a variety of fabrics with different patterns, bling and tail lengths


Large Pretieds

A roomier Pretied Head Scarf for women with larger heads, or women who prefer a roomier fit


Pretieds with Height

This Pretied has an added layer of foam sewn in at the front to give the illusion of height making it a favorite of women with thinning hair or hair loss.


Kids Pretieds

These Pretieds created for our youngest customers are a small size which fits most kids ages 4-11. Fun prints, kid friendly appliques, and soft fabrics make these head scarves ideal for brave young girls 


How do I wear a Pretied Bandanna Headscarf?

Tails Hanging Down
Just throw the Pretied on and you're ready to go. Bandannas come with different tail lengths, so check the given measurements to find the right one for you.

 Tails Tied up
This particular picture shows long tails tied up to resemble a medium tail length.
If you are wearing a medium length pretied to start with and you tie it, it will result in a short tailed look. Many women like to tie the tails of the pretied for the feeling of security the tighter tie provides.

Israeli Tichel Look

This look is accomplished by twisting the tails around your pony/bun. This can only be done with a long tailed pretied bandanna like the DaCee Designs 14 inch long tailed pretied.

Bandanna Look

This Look is achieved by placing the pretied on top of your hair, wig, or hat fall, with the hair hanging down. 

How do I figure out the right size for me?

 Most companies make pretied bandannas with a one size fits all cap. The general rule is that each company has their own unique fit. Here is a general guide towards the companies we carry.


  Landana Headscarves

Landana uses handpicked lightweight breathable fabrics such as viscose to create their line of Pretied Headscarves. unique prints, pretty appliques and a rainbow of solid color scarves make Landana the first choice for many in their hunt for the perfect Pretied. The fit of their Pretied Bandannas tend to have a more secure and fitted fit and are made for average size heads, still providing a roomier and airy comfort due to their fine and soft fabric. A unique feature of the Landana Pretied is the covered elastic at the neck for added comfort. Landana Pretieds have 7 inch tails. They are available in Regular, Large or Kids sizes and with added height in the front as well.


  DaCee Designs

DaCee is one of the most popular higher end manufacturers of Pretied Headscarves. We carry a wide selection of their Pretied headscarves. They come in Lycra, cotton and velour with or without appliques as well as their foam filler pre-tied headscarves which is a Pretied with added height in the front (for those with no hair or hair loss). We also carry their print Pretied headscarves in many different styles and colors. Their Pretied headscarves generally come with short tails. Women like their cap size because it offers a secure and fitted fit on ones head, women with smaller heads especially like the DaCee fit.



Cherie is made of a roomier fit and allows for the hair in the back to be comfortably tucked up. We carry a wide variety of their velour, lycra, and cotton Pretied bandannas with or without appliques. In addition, we also carry a wide selection of their print pre-tied bandannas in many different styles, colors and designs. It fits a little looser around the head than others which many women find extremely comfortable. Cherie Pretieds also come in 2 different tail length, short and lo

Size Tip

  If you get a Pretied that you find to be too large for you don't worry - you can just tie the tails in the back thereby instantly rendering it more secure! Or, another great product for Pretied slippage is the Wig Grip Comfort Band.

 We get many complaints from women that there Pretied head scarf either feels to tight or is constantly slipping off their head as well as many other issues.

 If this is happening to you then the first thing to do is start experimenting. Try a Pretied Bandanna from a different company and see if it fits better. Remember Pretied Bandannas are clothing and each company has a different cut which fits differently.

 If you need help deciding which brand is best for you then don't hesitate to contact us either by e-mail, chat or from 9:30am-4:00pm EST via our Customer Service Line 732-363-1993 ext 101

 How should I wash my Pretied Bandanna head scarf?

 The general rule of thumb is - the more gentle you are, the longer the Pretied will last.

 We recommend hand washing in cold water and laying it flat to dry on a towel to prevent stretching.

 Please note that Pretied Israeli Tichels (also known as Pretied Mitpachot or Pretied Head Scarves) with lurex should be treated the same as regular Israeli Tichels. They should be hand washed and layed flat to dry. Doing so will lengthen the lifespan of the Israeli Tichel Pretied. Never Put a Pretied Israeli Tichel in the Washing Machine!